Helping communities one mask at a time. 

As a medical graduate working in healthcare, I saw firsthand the struggles Canadians went through both physically and mentally during this pandemic. To assist in the recovery efforts and help instill confidence into communities again, I knew I had to act now and do more for my fellow Canadians as this country has given so much to my family.

After taking initiative and consulting with professionals, we have collaborated together with our expertise and resources to both supply and meet the increasing demand for non-medical masks which are now recommended by our government and health practitioners of Canada.  

We have committed to donating up to 10,000 masks to community agencies in need within Canada such as senior centers, homeless and women’s shelters, social and community health services, public housing, and many more.

This will be an ongoing campaign. We will continuously donate a mask to those in need for every mask purchased here from our website. 

Your support is greatly appreciated, so thank you and a special thanks to all essential workers for your hard work. We are all in this together.

Yours truly,

Nathan & The Team at Bselfless

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